Ring In 2014 With This New Year’s Eve Nail Art

Posted by December 26, 2013 12:45 pm

The easiest nail art possible? Swipe on gltiter polish with a top coat of glitter and stars. Hello, 2014! 

Image via Pshiiit.com


Want a festive twist on the French manicure? Alternate between black and gold tip and base colors for December 31. 

Image via La Paillette Frondeuse


Countdown to midnight — with clock nails! How adorable are these? 

Image via Candian Nail Fanatic


This nude and red gradient manicure is a gorgeous way to ring in the new year. 

Image via liketakeout.tumblr.com


Dress up your fingers for the occasion with tuxedos and a classy accent color. 

Image via zebber.tumblr.com


This zig-zag rainbow sparkly nail art looks like it's good enough to be the Times Square ball itself. 

Image via polishallthenails.tumblr.com


Rihanna's approving these nails for shining bright like a diamond. 

Image via nopantstime.tumblr.com


If your New Year's Eve is going to be chilly, these ice blue nails are a stunning option. 

Image via liketakeout.tumblr.com


When the colors are complimentary, a glitter mani is beautiful and foolproof. 

Image via gemsinabottle.net


We cannot stop staring at this iridescent manicure. 

Image via swag-nails.tumblr.com


Half moon nails, anyone? 

Image via missmandypete.tumblr.com


Head to YouTube for a tutorial on these NYE nails! 

Image via YouTube


A gradient manicure with glitter is a gorgeous transition into the New Year. 

Image via tinkgurlnails.tumblr.com


Our philosophy on New Year’s Eve is that you need to start 2014 with some envy-inducing nail art. If you come into the new year with chipped polish and unfiled fingernails, you set a bad precedent for the months to come. Instead, opt for some gorgeous nail art or, if nothing else, a simple and chic color.

Whether you’re staying in or heading to the most talked about party in town, you’ll likely be holding a flute of champagne and saying “cheers” at midnight (or 12:01, after a midnight kiss). Considering the extended amount of time your nails will be on display, we suggest making sure they look good enough to play the part.

Let’s face it: we can’t all be Picasso with a nail polish brush, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! A little bit of glitter or a matte top coat will do the trick and your friends will still be asking you to do their nails. Choose a gradient look or a half moon manicure, but whatever you pick, make sure to leave enough dry time to avoid smudges at the party.

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