Skin CareSecret Beauty Ingredient: Goat’s Milk
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  • We've never met a Kate Somerville product we didn't love, and this goat milk cream is no different. 

    (Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream, $55,

  • Dry winter skin? Try this serum specially formulated for night time application on super dry skin. 

    (Dry and Night Facial Serum, $14.95,

  • Take care of your skin overnight with this facial cream and you'll wake up feeling more moisturized than ever. 

    (Goat's Milk Night Cream, $8.99,

  • Switch from a soap that dries out your skin to this one that contains goat's milk and olive oil. Especially during the winter, your skin will thank you. 

    (Goat's Milk Soap, $6.49,

  • Got time for a relaxing bath? Change up your old bath salts for these ones with goat's milk. 

    (Sweet Nothing's Bath Salts, $24 for 6 pack,

  • If you've got sensitive skin, take a shot at this goat milk soap to sooth irritated areas. 

    (Thorne Organics Goat Milk Skin Care Bar, $8.80,

  • This lip balm isn't only moisturizing and easy for travel, but it's also under $2. That's pretty hard to beat. 

    (Canus Goat's Milk Lip Balm, $1.28,

  • Looking for a beyond amazing hair treatment? This Brazilian one with goat's milk will hydrate your hair the same way goat's milk will quench your skin's thirst. 

    (Kanechom Brazilian Hair Treatment with Goat's Milk, $11.49,

  • This body lotion is anti-aging, plus has almond Argan oil. Yes, please! 

    (Goat's Milk Almond and Argan Oil Anti-Aging Hand and Body Lotion, $25,

  • Battle wrinkles and fine lines with this night cream with goat's milk and pro-elastin. 

    (Garden of Nature's Goat Milk Semi-Rich Anti-Aging Night Cream, $9.99,


Secret Beauty Ingredient: Goat’s Milk


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