NailsShark Week Nail Designs: 10 Manicures to Help Celebrate
  • Anyone who can paint the "Jaws 2" movie poster on their ring finger immediately needs a gold medal. 

    Image via ONTD

  • One shark is plenty. We're hoping the rest of these nails are a little less carnivorous. 

    Image via Nail Art Crack

  • We don't know which is scarier: The blood splatter nails or the shark art. 

    Image cia Polishophrenia

  • This, ladies and gents, is the best use for a stiletto nail. 

    Image via Deviantart

  • This little manicure makes a terrifying creature pretty cute. 

    Image via Instagram

  • An alternative take on the Discovery Channel's most popular week, this fish skeleton is equally as freaky as the other shark art. 

    Image via The Nail Network

  • That poor little goldfish doesn't stand a chance. 

    Image via Ink 361

  • Possibly the most artistic take on Shark Week nail art we've seen yet, we love the abstract art on the majority of the nails. 

  • Now these nails are seriously impressive. Big kudos to the artist who can draw an entire school of sharks on five fingernails. 

    Image via Basecoat-Topcoat

  • For those of you less capable of free handing shark art, these stickers help to give you a festive manicure.

    Image via Etsy


Shark Week Nail Designs: 10 Manicures to Help Celebrate


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