HairSide Ponytails are Really a Thing: How to Wear Them the Right Way
  • Take your beachy daytime hair into night with a low pony. Loosely gather your salty strands to the side and look cute all night long.

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  • It wouldn't be a side ponytail story without the quintessential high side pony making an appearance. Now this look may not be for everyone...but we sure love it. Just make sure you keep it slicked back and secure.

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  • Gather your loose waves into a romantic side pony for a perfect date night look.

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  • This look is all about embracing your hair's natural texture. Separate your hair into two parts and tie them into a simple knot. Make sure to tug and tease your hair after the knot is all said and done, the more disheveled the better.

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  • A sleek and straight side-parted ponytail like this one here will always be in style.

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  • Give yourself a deep side part and tease the crown of your head for a retro side ponytail that will give even Brigitte Bardot hair envy. 

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  • Leave a few curled pieces of hair hanging in the front to take your ponytail from casual to captivating.

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  • Tie your hair into a low-slung pony like this one for an effortlessly chic daytime 'do.

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  • Give that old side pony of yours a twist! Create a deep side part and twist your hair away from your face. You will have a pretty, retro look that all of your friends will want to recreate.

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  • Whether you're getting lunch with friends or running errands all day, the slightly off-center part and perfectly imperfect texture make this the ideal pony on your day off.

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Side Ponytails are Really a Thing: How to Wear Them the Right Way


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