Julianne Hough Lets Us In On Her Skin Secrets

Posted by February 04, 2011 2:55 pm

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Julianne Hough, two time Dancing With The Stars winner and the lucky lady on Ryan Seacrest’s arm, has been busy doing press for her recently released Got Milk? ad – but we caught up with her to chat about things that we really care about – skin and makeup. The gorgeous starlet is the new face of Proactiv and joined Beauty High and a few other editors in a suite in The London Hotel in NYC (with her adorable puppy!) to let us in on the secrets to her glowing complexion and her best beauty tricks.

Drink Lots Of Water
I’m constantly on planes and in different climates, so I mean, Proactiv has a tiny little travel kit too so I always have that. That’s always with me in general and then I always just try to drink tons and tons of water. I also try to exercise, I feel like when you exercise you kind of keep your blood flowing and nothing gets clogged and stuff.

Treat All Of Your Skin Right
I get massages and always use moisturizers. And, I try not to go into the sun – and trust me – I love a good tan but I try not to go as much and always, always wear sunscreen. I was super dark and super tan because that’s what it’s like in Utah, it’s like the Mormon version of Jersey Shore. I’m serious! Everybody goes tanning and they’ve got the makeup and the tease in their hair and it’s great!

False Lashes And Contouring Can Change Your World
I’m an eyelash freak, I love ‘em. My eyelashes are pretty blonde and they’re not very thick. I love the eyelashes and the way that Troy (Surratt) does them. He’ll do like a strip, and add individuals, or just do individuals. And contouring was a big thing. I just thought oh slap on some eye shadow, some eyelashes and you’re good to go. But with the contouring on your cheeks, your nose you get to see more of your face and your features and I love that!

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  1. katherine says:

    i love how you spelled exercise wrong…. twice.

  2. chris says:

    Possibly the best looking women in the world

  3. oliver says:

    It pays to proof read….. exercise does not have 2 letter C ‘s in it….. You may be beautiful but the brains part needs work

  4. Robert says:

    so you guys actually think she WROTE this article? It was transcribed to a reporter over the phone or in person, who then was tasked with writing it. Speaking of the brains part needing work……….

  5. Kathleen says:

    Ryan Seacrest has a girlfriend???

  6. Janice Oakley says:

    Those eyebrows are too much! They take up half your face!

  7. phyllis Greenberg says:

    You should fire your make up artist…..Sorry……

  8. PJ says:

    She is usually a very pretty woman, but her makeup in this pic is horrible. The eyebrows are to big and her eyes are too much. I think the “love” of the eyelashes is more of an obsession. Yikes

  9. Tas D says:

    Seems like she’s got good skin but she looks like a freak with all that makeup! The world would be a better place if people put more emphasis on natural than artificial stuff and maybe, you’d know how to spell correctly then!

  10. Danieelle says:

    All of you guys hating on her are jealous. just because you most likely dont know how to put makeup on or you are probably fat and ugly doesnt mean you have a right leaving mean comments. If you know how to use make up and are confident in the way you look then none of you would be leaving dumb comments putting her down or telling her she looks like a freak…. harsh!

  11. Mary says:

    She is a lovely woman, now wearing too much makeup – I have worn false eyelashes for a very long time and I’ve been told no one can tell I have them on – they just think my lashes are really long. I hope she will keep dancing too – she is fabulous.

  12. Bingle says:

    Nice fake smile. She’s not even that pretty, really. She looks very fake. And not very intelligent.
    “I feel like when you excercise you kind of keep your blood flowing and nothing gets clogged and stuff.” And stuff………….

  13. Zladcovich says:

    Do they fight over make up?
    He’s more feminine than she is

  14. Carole says:

    Julianne is a very beautiful, talented woman, and she lights up the room when she dances. This photo does not do her justice. She is gorgeous and looks best when she is natural. I agree that the makeup in this photo is not good. Also, she is not the one who spelled exercise wrong.

  15. JimmyMacJimmy says:

    She looks kind of old. Can’t she get some work done. Can’t Ryan get something younger and better?

  16. Jon says:

    When Seacrest announces he is ### the headline will be “Seacrest out”

  17. mischa says:

    Rather mean-spirited bunch posting here.
    She’s talented and pretty and he’s got a great career going, whether you like him or not. How do any of you know what his private life is all about?

  18. jennifer says:

    What’s the problem with her left breast???

  19. Laura27606 says:

    I thought she left Dancing with the Stars to go full time country singer. She even did an album. A;lso she was engaged to a country singer (forgot his name). Why do people still say she is with Dancing with the Stars when she is not? Yeah, her makeup is pretty bad in that pic.

  20. Thia says:

    READ PEOPLE! Under the title of the article it says “By Rachel Adler”

  21. Dianne says:

    I met her in person while she was promoting Footloose. She is gorgeous and uses far less makeup than this ad.

  22. samatha says:

    well, obviously that whole mormon thing wasn’t working out for her so now she shows her cleavage and everything else in various revealing outfits. plus, that whole ryan seacrest thing…you’ve got to be kidding! no one believes he is a heterosexual… by the way, how much bump and grinding can she do before she can no longer declare herself a “virgin”…

  23. cricket says:

    her left breast has fallen.

  24. I love Juliennea’s bob…she’s a beautiful young lady..she and Ryan are among the “hotties”. Dr. Jacqueline s adams. Lancaster, SC jsadams@comporium.net

  25. everybody doing a good conversation about this blog i am felling lucky to being here.

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