YSL to Amp Up Their Skin Care Game

Posted by October 14, 2011 12:33 pm

After spending the past two years working with YSL’s parent company, L’Oreal, to gain expertise in skin care the company is now ready to become a key player in the market. Although we do know that they do already have an existing skin care line, we don’t depend on it like we do their Touche Eclat concealer — and clearly they want us to.

According to WWD, Renaud de Lesquen, president of YSL Beaute, said, “YSL has unfortunately never become the major player in skin care. It is in fragrance and makeup. This launch marks the grand return of YSL into skin care with a major innovation from L’Oreal Research that has never been used in a skin care application before.”

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The line, called Forever Youth Liberator, is based on glycobiology (the sciene of glycans for those of us who aren’t scientists) and the discovery that with age the number of glycans in your skin actually diminishes, which ends up delaying the skin’s regeneration.

To formulate the line of Forever Youth Liberator, L’Oreal developed a patented trio of synthetic glycans which they called Glycanactif which apparently helps to improve the communication between the cells, restructure skin tissues and regenerate dermal-epidermal junction to decrease the most common signs of skin aging.

The line will include a serum (its core product), a cleansing mousse, lotion, cream, rich cream, eye cream and SPF 15 cream and lotion. Prices in the US will range from $59 to $106 respectively and will be available first in Europe and Japan in January, followed by the US in March.

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