MakeupSplurge vs. Steal: Luxe Lashes For Every Occasion
  • Splurge: Nothing makes you look like a million bucks more than, well, paying a lot of bucks for 24 karat gold false eyelashes. We may not able to afford these lashes, but we can certainly hope. 

    (Kre-at 24K Gold Lashes, Price Upon Request, Barney's New York)

  • Steal: Add a hint of sparkle to your peepers with these gold-tipped false lashes from Nordstrom. 

    (Nordstrom Gold Sparkle Faux Lashes, $7.95, Nordstrom)

  • Splurge: Get lashes that take flight with these paper bird falsies. 

    (Paperself Bird Lashes, $19.69, Paperself)

  • Steal: For a fun take on lashes for half the price, choose this bird-inspired option. 

    (Lovely Blossoms Paper Eyelashes, $11, Etsy)

  • Splurge: Feathers as falsies make for a light feel, unlike a lot of heavy materials.

    (Black Velvet Feather False Eyelashes, $26, Shu Uemura)

  • Steal: For a total confidence boost, put on your favorite upbeat song and apply these feather lashes. Good times will ensue. 

    (Make Up For Ever Eyelashes, $16,

  • Splurge: If you've got the extra cash to burn on diamond lashes, it doesn't get any better than these. 

    (Kre-at Diamond Lashes, $1,350, Barney's New York)

  • Steal: This affordable version of luxe lashes will have you looking gorgeous for the evening, plus you'll have enough money in your wallet to actually buy dinner. 

    (Swarovski Crystal Lashes, $17.08, Etsy)

  • Splurge: Instead of going for purple eyeshadow or bright lips, choose purple lashes for a fun new take on the colored makeup trend. 

    (Shu Uemura False Eyelashes in Violet, $20, Nordstrom)

  • Steal: Colored makeup has been everywhere lately, so colored lashes make a ton of sense right now. 

    (Sephora False Eyelashes in Mysterious, $10, Sephora)


Splurge vs. Steal: Luxe Lashes For Every Occasion


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