MakeupFrom Bagel Heads to Pierced Nails: The Strangest Beauty Trends of 2012
  • Japan's latest beauty craze was the bagel head look, where saline solution was injected into the foreheads to swell it, then pressed in to get the bagel effect. All we have to say is, why?

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  • It may be edgy, but having the side of your head shaved or shorter than the rest of your hair is just weird and should be left to Skrillex. If you want the punk look, try doing tiny braids right above your hair to get the illusion without actually shaving off your hair.

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  • While we're obsessed with nail art, it should remain on your hands and not your toes. No need to go overboard folks.

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  • We're always looking for the next miracle ingredient or product, but bird poop facials? The Shizuka Day Spa in New York started offering the Geisha Facial that includes bird poop. The enzymes are supposed to help break down dead skin cells, but we'll choose a regular facial instead.

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  • There's anime girl, and then there's real life Barbie. Both spend hours doing their makeup to achieve this look. No thanks, we'll stick with our usual and quick tinted moisturizer and mascara routine in the morning.

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  • Art...on the lips? While we like the ombre lip trend, any kind of art needs to stay on the nails.

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  • Ciaté came out with a velvet nail art kit, but the fuzzy nails just aren't doing anything for us.

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  • When some of us get bored with piercing our ears we look for other options. But nails? It's odd and sounds like it would hurt (we're hoping everyone is using fake nails of course). These charms were seen at Ashish Spring 2012 and some celebrities have followed suit.

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From Bagel Heads to Pierced Nails: The Strangest Beauty Trends of 2012


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