Makeup2013 Beauty Trends We’re Trying to Forget
  • Brightly Rimmed Eyes: Pinks and reds were popular eyeshadow colors this year, and while there's a right way to wear red shadow, the wrong way is way, way easier. Donna Karan's look (above) went a bit overboard with pink liner and matching mascara, making the eyes look sickly and overdone. 

  • Half-Shaved Head: With the exception of Rihanna, there's practically no one on the face of the planet who looks good with a half-shaved head. Besides the fact that it's just not natural, we're still scratching our heads (pun intended) on how people overlook the whole issue of growing the hair back once they're sick of the buzz cut. Thankfully, the trend seems to have died down now, and we're hoping it won't rear its ugly head in 2014. 

    Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage
  • Full Pieces of Glitter as Makeup: The same goes for gemstones being used on the face, too, but unless it's Halloween, full appliques should not be used on your face. Chanel's runway show was an exception because it's couture fashion, but please, don't try this at home. 

  • Bleached Brows: Maybe we're a bit biased because we're partial to bold brows, but bleached brows almost never look good. Even when Miley Cyrus took her eyebrows to the light side, something just looked off. Keep to the natural color or darker, ladies. 

  • Black Swan Eyeshadow: There's a fine line between a smokey eye and a black swan eye, and while we love some good graphic liner, the lid covered in black shadow overtakes the face. While January Jones wore this look (above) for the Met Gala's "Punk: Chaos to Couture" theme, we still think it was over the top in a bad way. 

    Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
  • Wet Hair Look: It's one thing to leave the house with wet hair knowing it will soon dry. It's another thing entirely to purposely make your hair look wet with the intention of keeping it that way. Slicking your hair back almost always means looking undone for the entire day, and we're just bigger fans of grabbing a blow dryer or tossing hair into a top knot for the day. 

  • Pompadours: They may be fine on the runway, but whenever this look is taken into every day life it comes off as costumey and a bit ridiculous. We're glad it's a bit classier than the Snooki pouf, but we're still hoping the pompadour gets deflated come 2014. 


2013 Beauty Trends We’re Trying to Forget


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