MakeupNew Year, New You: Experts Give Us Their Best Tips to Start the New Year Right
  • "My tip is to make a New Year's resolution to banish dry cuticles once and for all! Keep a bottle of natural oil/cuticle oil in a plastic bag (to avoid a mess) in your purse at all times. Apply after washing hands, or any time your nails and cuticles look dry." - Fleury Rose, Manicurist

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  • "Young girls dying their hair grey. Its a bold move. It includes intense stripping of the colored hair. If hair has been previously colored, even just with a gloss you must use bleach to lighten it. Hair that has been dyed for years (brunette from blond for example) will be more challenging and taxing on your hair to lift to white." - Dana Ionato, Hair Colorist

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  • "Don't forget about the hot rollers in the New Year! Leave the ends out for a less glamorous look, then finish off with a little beach spray for the perfect undone bombshell hair." - Luke Chamberlain, Hairstylist

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  • "The best tip I always recommend is a good microdermabrasion or dermal plane on the face at least once a month. A good professional exfoliation really does turn around the skin cells and makes a huge difference in your skin's appearance. It's how you get that glowy, dewy skin that everyone wants!" - Jeannia Robinette, Makeup Artist

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  • "I predict that 2013 will be all about bright, unnatural color with natural style. To ensure hair reflects it optimum vibrancy of color, be it blue, pink, anything, it's essential to use high quality products that moisturize the hair to keep it healthy. Once the color is applied, either temporary or permanent, style in playful loose manners. The ballerina top knot is still hot as is a high ponytail. It's all about mixing classic looks in a modern way. Life is hectic and only will be more so in 2013. Women need a way to express their personality while juggling many different aspects of their life. The burst of color shows confidence and individuality and works with anything from top knots, to braids to classic chignons." - Jamal Hammadi, Hairstylist

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  • "My new favorite trick comes in the form of a single new product I've discovered! While this particular type of product is nothing new, this company has perfected it. I'm talking about BANGSTYLE's Light Sea Salt Mist. This stuff is so mild you can wear it everyday and it's perfect for those girls who have fine hair. Everyone knows beach hair is super trendy right now and now everyone can have it!" - Wesley O'Meara, Hairstylist

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  • "For 2013, try my favorite moisturizer by La Prarie, Cellular Moisturizer SPF15. It leaves the skin hydrated and perfect for applying makeup over it. I love it because it doesn't leave your skin greasy, it leaves your skin feeling just like it should." -Mai Quynh, Makeup Artist

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New Year, New You: Experts Give Us Their Best Tips to Start the New Year Right


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